Women In The Spotlight

Sirisha Peyyeti
Sirisha Peyyeti

Head of Consulting, RoundSqr

Who is a female inspiration to you in life and why?

Not one person in particular but every female in my life – my mother, my mother-in-law, all the ladies in the family (including my daughter), my friends and colleagues at work, everyone is an inspiration for what they’ve been able to achieve. It is small things that each one of them bring – the resilience, the smile, the innocence, the leadership, the management skills, the good listeners that they are, the ability to let their hair down, just getting things done and most importantly empathy. I try and be a bit of each one of them

What does #BreakTheBias mean to you?

The world generally is comfortable with stereotyping and forming biases and maybe that helps people navigate this complex framework called life! But then, the world shrunk and people evolved, times changed. Biases have no longer any relevance. For me personally, it means – Don’t judge, give the person a chance to show what he/she is capable of doing. In the work setting, don’t assume women won’t take up certain jobs, and in general setting, don’t segregate tasks and be surprised if someone does it or doesn’t do it. Chill and let people be!

If you could change one thing about your professional life, what would it be?

Not much really. But yeah, I would have fast tracked a lot of things. I just wish I could have done more in the same time frame J

What’s your most-used productivity hack in life?

There are quite a few but I guess the most important one will be to find people (in my closest circle) to do certain things and not stress about it. Just reduce the work load and induced pressure of being a super woman.

What would you tell young women who are just starting to work?

Give it time, settle down. Don’t go looking for a work-life balance. You will figure out over time but give both your all. Just that you’ll have your good and bad days, don’t try and make each day perfect. Be practical