Women In The Spotlight

Madhu Saha
Madhuchhanda Saha

Principal Data Scientist, RoundSqr

Who is a female inspiration to you in life and why?

Alice. She’s actually my lifelong obsession 🙂

She had begun to THINK that VERY FEW THINGS indeed were REALLY IMPOSSIBLE. She needed no fairy godmother or prince – just her own wits and ingenuity.
She’s a curious adventurer: following a tardy rabbit galloping through the yard she went down the rabbit hole.
She learns and grows each day: not going back to yesterday as she was a different person then.
She uses her intellect to overcome problems: bumping her head, bruising her soul, facing so many unknowns; yet she went ahead with her journey in Wonderland and took it a moment at a time.
She frequently speaks her mind: not holding back while being bullied by the Queen.
And, her PENCHANT FOR MATHEMATICS: “…four times five is twelve, and four times six is thirteen, and four times seven is–oh dear!”

What does #BreakTheBias mean to you?

On the qui vive, being objective. Continue to treat everyone with respect and civility. Use factual filters in the decision-making process.

If you could change one thing about your professional life, what would it be?


What’s your most-used productivity hack in life?

Just get started!

What would you tell young women who are just starting to work?

“Be a hard master to yourself- and be lenient to everybody else”. Build your resilience!