VEFramework Project Documentation

Deeraj Chakravarthy

Mohan Paladugu

Tomáš Svoboda


Accessibility to digitalization is the key to innovation. We believe that everyone could have the same opportunity and tools to meet their digital needs. We, at RoundSqr, are happy to collaborate with TechnicInsider Group on the VEFramework project and create an ecosystem that makes the latest applications & technologies accessible to everyone.

VE Framework Project

Digitalization can save time and money in almost every field. That’s why a group of enthusiasts who loves the technologies and application of these technologies at TechnicInsider Group have started the Virtual Economy Framework (VEFramework) project in 2021. VEFramework is an Open Source ecosystem for building applications connected to the blockchain and other technologies. This project is open source for personal, educational, and commercial use as well.



Headquartered in Hyderabad, RoundSqr is a digital company (Data, Analytics [AI / ML / CV], Blockchain). We help Businesses define problems and solve them using emerging technologies, typically in the areas of customer engagement, employee empowerment, and operational efficiencies. We are your DIGITAL PITSTOP, providing you with the right support, at the right time, quickly, to let you drive your business better and faster.

The name RoundSqr (round pegs in square holes, from the Apple ‘Think Different’ ads) is a philosophy that mandates us to think differently and do whatever-it-takes to make our clients successful. We have delivered solutions that our clients are filing patents for and launching businesses around. Our customers themselves span geographies, industries (healthcare, manufacturing…) and type (Fortune1000, half-a-century old, mid-size and start-ups). In just 3 years, the company has grown to over 100 employees, with 30 global clients and 3 offices.


VEFramework Documentation (Authored by RoundSqr’s team members)

Developer Guide
Branching Strategy
Dockerizing VENFT App Server
Guidelines for Code Review
Guidelines for Issue Creation
Guidelines for Merge Pull Request
Integrating SonarQube
Architecture & Transactions
Publishing VENFT APP to IPFS