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our main services

Optimize for Search Engine

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Customize Everything

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Secure Your Website

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nGAGE: AI-driven customer engagement Platform

nGAGE helps you show ROI on the top-Dollars that you have spent in acquiring customers. It focuses on the post-acquisition phase of the customer lifecycle.  nGAGE helps you identify patterns, leading to personalized insights and just-in-time offers. A host of factors, both internal to your organization and public (including history of engagement, location, time, preferences and behavioral patterns) are considered in deriving these insights.
Driving continuous engagement with customers leads to stickiness, and helps maximize returns through newer business opportunities.

cSMART: Computer Vision on-the-edge

Surveillance, for reasons like security and compliance, is a human resource intensive activity. Despite the huge efforts and money expended, probability of mistakes is high.
Now, imagine a scenario where the camera is smart all by itself, leading to faster decision making at a much lower cost. Our computer vision based solution brings the smarts to the camera, where anomalies are detected in real-time, as they happen. This can help scenarios like detecting un-authorized entry, non-compliant gear and untoward incidents, at the edge without the latency of moving the data to cloud and analyzing it.
cSMART is being extended to predicting potential action by a human as well as detecting the emotional state. Extensive benefits can accrue in customer flow management, especially in places like airports.

iOPS: IoT-based operational efficiency improvement

Smart sensors to collect asset telemetry. That is substantiated with Glocal (Global / Local) information, both historical and real-time. Then AI / ML is used to understand the data, identify patterns and correct course, to continuously drive operational efficiencies.
The “wind flow” patterns are extremely dynamic. Hence it is very challenging to get the Wind Turbine Generators’ configuration correct the first time around. iOPS helped cut down the time taken, to realize the wind turbines’ full potential, from 45 days to 15 days!

iChain: Identity on a Blockchain

Having a Blockchain maintain the identity of your enterprise users will ensure water-tight security of employee data. By using a permissioned blockchain to store and distribute user identity across multiple systems, our platform eliminates the threat of hacking completely. The communication of user information from client-to-server and server-to-client happens in encrypted blocks rendering most hacking techniques useless.
Platform Highlights –
  • Eliminates need for passwords by storing identity on a Blockchain
  • Any access request is validated against the Blockchain
  • User activity is recorded and monitored through smart contracts
  • Pattern recognition eliminates fraud