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Hyderabad, Sep 6, 2021

HYDERABAD; Sep. 06, 2021 – RoundSqr is delighted to have Sirisha Peyyeti, Co-Founder & Head of Consulting, on the TechNext Show, an initiative by MyStartup TV in collaboration with NASSCOM AP & Telangana.

TechNext Show, a bi-weekly series, is started to provide a wider platform to young and dynamic organizations by understanding more about their technical capabilities and strategies, capturing their insights on technology, and the impact it’ll create on our lives.

Sirisha is the Co-Founder & Head of Consulting at RoundSqr. She is a Business Leader with over 20 years of experience in the IT services industry, focused in Data and Analytics domain. Sirisha is experienced in solution consulting, with a strong focus on digital thinking and customer empathy, and has experience across varied domains. Coupled with common sense, she helped deliver digital transformation projects across different technology stacks throughout her career. She is considered a problem solver and go-to person for understanding business-speak and breaking it down for technical teams.


NASSCOM, a not-for-profit industry association, is the apex body for the 194 billion-dollar IT-BPM industry in India, an industry that had made a phenomenal contribution to India’s GDP, exports, employment, infrastructure, and global visibility.

Established in 1988 and ever since, NASSCOM’s relentless pursuit has been to constantly support the IT-BPM industry, in the latter’s continued journey towards seeking trust and respect from varied stakeholders, even as it reorients itself time and again to remain innovative, without ever losing its humane and friendly touch. NASSCOM is focused on building the architecture integral to the development of the IT-BPM sector through policy advocacy, and help in setting up the strategic direction for the sector to unleash its potential and dominate newer frontiers. NASSCOM’s members, 3000+, constitute 90% of the industry’s revenue and have enabled the association to spearhead initiatives at local, national, and global levels. In turn, the IT-BPM industry has gained recognition as a global powerhouse. To know more, please visit

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About RoundSqr

Headquartered in Hyderabad, RoundSqr is a digital company (Data, Analytics [AI / ML / CV], Blockchain). We help Businesses define problems and solve them using emerging technologies, typically in the areas of customer engagement, employee empowerment, and operational efficiencies. We are your DIGITAL PITSTOP, providing you with the right support, at the right time, quickly, to let you drive your business better and faster.
The name RoundSqr (round pegs in square holes, from the Apple ‘Think Different’ ads) is a philosophy that mandates us to think differently and do whatever-it-takes to make our clients successful. We have delivered solutions that our clients are filing patents for and launching businesses around. Our customers themselves span geographies, industries (healthcare, manufacturing…) and type (Fortune1000, half-a-century old, mid-size and start-ups). In just 2 years, the company has grown to over 100 employees, with 30 global clients and 3 offices. For more information, visit
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