RoundSqr-Academia Connect: An Interactive Session with UoH students

April 21, 2021
The main objective of this guest lecture is to present an approach for the students of the University of Hyderabad to pursue a successful career in data science and guide them for summer internships after the completion of their second semester.
LavaSesha Chowdary, a Data Scientist at RoundSqr and the guest speaker for this session begins by explaining the model building process by covering the concepts of data collection, cloud platforms and / or databases, and preprocessing.


Certain key insights from the session include:
  • While solving a problem, one must remember that there are no restrictions imposed – the scientist can make use of traditional methods too instead of deep learning & CNN.
  • Kaggle has various datasets & problems to work on; however, students must not stress about the outcome – it is the approach that matters. Since there are no predefined methods in this domain, people are free to experiment & explore.
  • He advised the students to –
    • Start with one regression & one classification problem followed by concepts of entropy;
    • Experiment with a variety of algorithms and then
    • Slowly venture into the area of deep learning.
  • He strongly recommends PyTorch & TensorFlow for deep learning, and hence, asks students to put a strong emphasis on learning Python as well.


Following are some Q&As from the session:
  • What expectations do companies have from students in terms of their soft skills, technical skills, etc?

“When a certain responsibility is given to an individual, he / she must take care of it, irrespective of his / her seniority. Strong passion for goals and dedication to improve & practise every day is a must. Besides these, storytelling is also one of the key traits, the community is looking for in aspiring data scientists. Lastly, the expectations don’t entail the student to know complex algorithms, but a stronghold on basics – statistics, math, and machine learning algorithms is key. “

  • How has the industry changed in comparison to when he started to what it is today and how he predicts it in the future?

” The evolution is good & necessary and that no matter how further the industry advances, the basics will remain constant. Hence, keeping a firm grip on one’s basics is key to thrive in a rapidly revolutionizing industry.

  • Should one invest their time in placements or start something on their own?

“It totally depends on the goals of the individual. But remember that nothing is a cakewalk. Whatever you do, do it with full conviction.”

Please click the link below to view the full video.

From gaining industry insights to getting the doubts cleared, the session has not only been informative but also inspiring to all those to-be MBAs.