Counting my blessings...

June 26, 2021

If there is one thing that united us as humans world over, it has to be Covid-19. No one was spared, no one came out unscarred. We are still living this nightmare but things are slightly getting back on track (touchwood!) Immunity boosters, Yoga, Covid appropriate behaviour, masks, washing hands, vaccine and god sent doctors – all of these are on one side but some fluke with our DNA composition (cannot be anything other than this till someone proves it otherwise) is what protected some of us. I am truly grateful that we, as a family (both immediate family and work family to a large extent) were protected. Can’t even imagine the pain of losing someone this suddenly…in such a cruel manner.

While, I am thankful for that, this post is not really about that. I was a part of a small initiative by a large NGO and a large part of a very small initiative by a group of friends locally (and independently). This post is about what being a part of the non-corporate world during these trying times taught me about navigating the corporate world

  • There really wasn’t a blueprint on how you’d enquire about beds or find medicines for your near and dear ones. All of us hustled…and got it done, SOMEHOW! So yes, you always don’t really have a process and complete clarity on how something will work when you start. You need to go with the flow, course correct AND create the process along the way
  • There were certain guidelines that were set but all of us constantly learnt newer and better things, we experimented, we circulated information and practiced them. How else did we discover prone position before it became a part of directives?! That’s exactly the point when you are expected to LEARN continuously. Learn from peers, learn from people who have done it, learn by reading. But yeah, don’t stop learning
  • A lot of times, it was strangers that came to our rescue. The number of contacts that I saved on my phone right from ambulance drivers to last rite services to doctors and volunteers was numerous. And that helped many, many times. So, pick up the damn phone and talk to anyone, really anyone and ask them what you want. Build that network. Seek help
  • A lot of times, it felt like a relay race…someone calls you, you call someone else and then someone else before the actual work gets done. There was never an iota of lack of trust there. Shouldn’t that be how an organisation works as well? Where you really are a part of a team and work together and rely on each other. Of course, this goes without saying that the right people should be in the right place.
  • A group of friends from my college (best friends as we used to call back then :)) came together to bring awareness and create a platform for all Covid warriors in a small place on the map called Nagarjunasagar. We started very small with a whatsapp group called Save Our Sagar and truly believe that we made a difference. As an organisation, you are not essentially competing with each other, maybe? You are doing what the others are doing too in certain aspects, learning and replicating and getting inspired and collaborating…
  • What worked for one, didn’t work for others and that could be due to a plethora of events influencing it. We tried everything in our capacity, applied what we knew, changed track when that didn’t work and essentially tried till the end. While things might look like a set template, they might not always be right for A COMPANY. Know everything, try everything but then do your own thing. End of the day, you will lose some but also gain some more.
  • Each of us do what we do for our own personal reasons, it could be a passion for one, a way of life for one, a good-karma points gaining activity for yet another one. Same with the corp world, we can all have a common goal but end of the day, it is people who make up for everything that happens and “Each to their own!”

While, as a world, we pick up pieces and start re-building and living our lives again, my world view has changed a bit – finding that balance between being driven and obsessed, not taking myself more seriously than I should be, bit more conscious of mine (and others) time, being a little more straight forward and to the point and more than anything else counting my blessings 🙂