Getting Started with Computer Vision on Windows Laptop

Getting Started with Computer Vision on Windows Laptop

Getting Started with Computer Vision on Windows Laptop 800 526 Administrator

Computer vision is the future and you can’t wait to get started off on your windows laptop. I will give you the fastest way to get started off with just a few steps.  Just stay with me for the next 20 minutes and you should be on your way with doing Computer Vision using Deep Learning.

So, without further ado, here it goes…

Step 1:

Install Anaconda 3 on your laptop.

Just go to and download the distribution for the required version.

Once downloaded, just double click on the installer and you are on your way.

Step 2:

Let us get started with installing Tensorflow GPU for the deep learning part. Now conventionally you would have to go ahead and install CUDA followed by CuDnn and only then get to tensorflow-gpu package. Now just because of al the dependencies between them there would be a less than 1% chance that you would get it right the first time around.

Not for us, here is the magical command to do all that in one simple step.

Conda create –name tf-gpu tensorflow-gpu.

This would create a new virtual conda environment with tensorflow-gpu and all it’s zillion dependencies in one go!!

Just say conda activate tf-gpu and you are all set to start your computer vision deep learning journey with tensorflow.

Step 3:

Install Open CV and Open CV contrib, which are very useful for various morphological operations on images before feeding them to deep neural nets.

Conda install -c conda-forge opencv.

That is it….the entire power of OpenCV for you to explore!!

Step 4:

Last but not least install dlib. It is one of the best computer vision packages that I have seen. It is especially useful if you are trying to work in the facial recognition space – it just is the best that is out there.

Definitely not easy to install on windows – what with compiling all those C binaries, but then, let us use a bit of magic.

python -m pip install

That is it folks!! You are all set now. Please let me know if this helped you, just to motivate me to put together other useful stuff to get you started faster. Ciao!!