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Apr 18, 2022

RoundSqr’s team is extremely delighted to share that our research paper on “Assessment of Anatomical Changes in Advanced Chronic Venous Insufficiency Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Techniques” is published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery, Society for Vascular Sugery & American Venous Forum.

Article Overview
Advanced chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) is characterized by significant and unique morphological changes in the legs such as swelling, discoloration, loss of subcutaneous and muscle tissue in the lower part of the leg (inverted Champaign bottle appearance), and ulceration. These changes are not uniform and do not progress linearly with time. Widely used reporting tools like CEAP classification are descriptive. Currently, there are no reliable and objective methods to assess and monitor these soft tissue changes with time and after therapy. The purpose of this study is to create an artificial intelligence model that could differentiate between advanced CVI and early-stage CVI/normal legs and quantify these changes in soft tissues objectively.


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